"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

Do teachers know about this? They could teach children about the treason, the conspiracy?

Well, maybe they could watch some TV shows and movies of it, you know. Maybe a live performance of my protest.

A live performance?

Universal Studios. Maybe they could review some history of Benedict Arnold, as a former American general guilty of treasons—maybe a disloyalty to the American constitution

When people teach them about Ben Franklin, they should teach that he was resurrected and he's been kept in hiding somewhere?

Right now, maybe Clinton has kept it top-secret behind closed doors in Washington, so maybe those resurrections might become public after an estimated 35 years from now. He might take some space vacations across some other populations across the solar system—some rocket vacations. Maybe an impeachment in 2003, and maybe those 12 galaxies' American presidents might get conquered over an estimated 35 years for those treasons committed against those other Zegnetronic societies across 130 galaxies. It might take maybe a live performance with Universal Studios with some counterparts of Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica.

Maybe it might open up with some movies about some Soviet space missions or some star wars against the Pentagon and, you know, Soviet space missions, or maybe some Soviet cosmotauts. Maybe a discovery of some humanoids across some other planets, maybe on Mars or the solar system. Because on Star Trek, the telepathy was already on. They were disappearing in thin air.

Into thin air?

Yeah. And he already mentioned the telepathy.

So maybe there's a message in those movies. And maybe only a couple people see the message that you're seeing.

Maybe they just thought it was some science fiction or some trick photography. But actually it might have been some classified scientific inventions that were behind closed doors in Washington, kept top-secret. Maybe some advanced forms of magic. Maybe disappearing in thin air.

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