"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

Have you seen those other societies, those Zegnatronic societies?

No, I didn't see those societies, but they might have come over here on behalf of my campaigns of classified allegations of corrupted treasons, like mass murder cases, committed by Clinton's and 12 galaxies against those interglacial societies and the Zegnatronic Cosmopolitans.

At 130 galaxies, or maybe even at a thousand galaxies, from the solar system. Maybe they came over here on behalf of some false allegations of Clinton's and 12 galaxies of a metamorphosis of a closed society formerly second to the universe, across some populations and infinities that were born again into a closed society—
Into a closed society—

Yeah, and Clinton's and those 12 galaxies might have kept it top-secret behind closed
doors in Washington using false allegations, identifying myself being born again from a closed society formerly second to the universe. Maybe it was false allegations with my political allegations.

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