"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

So, I would like to know more about your family being movie stars. I think that would be really interesting to hear about.

Maybe also, I might have a chance for some classified allegations of a metamorphosis—a being born-again—from the Emperor of China and his royal family that were born again, becoming the richest family during Clinton's administrations. And they might have been movie stars for about a couple of decades now, maybe even since the movie business started up.

Now, I wonder why these other movie stars get paid. Like Julia Roberts—she gets paid but your family's not getting paid. That's unfair.

Maybe it was some classified policies behind closed doors in Washington against some different ancestries and different Protestant Christians and Mormons.

And the Mormons, too, and the Protestants—

Maybe even some Catholics, too. And that policy might have treated myself and my family as domestic enemies with some domestic operations with the CIA and maybe some intelligence agencies within the FBI and police agencies. Police intelligence.

So it's a pretty tight network, then.

There might have been some second salaries behind closed doors in Washington—across some Quintrological societies and Alphatronic populations across some 12 galaxies. They might have come over here with second salaries as movie stars, maybe even as double agents also with the CIA.

Does this have anything to do with Ronald Reagan's acting career?

Ronald Reagan might have also been guiltied of not paying my family as movie stars. And he might have been—with that acting career— as a neighbor right around the corner when I was very young. He might have just kept it a secret with Bush. Maybe George Bush was even using some acting names as a movie star, too. Near my family, as neighbors.

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