"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

In those other galaxies, do people look like they look on the street here? Do they have more eyes or more arms?

No, well, maybe those astronauts today might have been looking like them.

They might have looked like . . the people look . . . in the other galaxies?

Across the 12 galaxies.

Do you think our astronauts know about those galaxies? Or is that a coverup, too?

They might have had it covered up, too.

Because when the Apollo landed on the moon, people say that there was a moon base of other aliens watching them land. Do you think that was part of the 12 galaxies?

Maybe Clinton was keeping it a coverup, making those aliens look like primitive forms of life. But actually they might have been 12 galaxies more advanced than American multi-billionaires.

Even more advanced than the multi-billionaires.

Those astronauts may be Quintronic Quintrological Cosmotauts that allocated flying saucers and cars for most of their populations—using rocket societies, rocket vacations, and rocket stations. But it might have been humanoids and androids and a-stroids using flying saucers for their advanced metropolitans across the solar system.

So they have advanced cities.

Maybe more advanced, you know, than New York and San Francisco.

I don't want to keep you from enjoying your cake. Please enjoy your cake.

Yeah, OK.

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