"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

Did you watch any of the Republican convention this week? Did you hear much about it?

I saw some of it. I think George W. Bush had that new nomination for his vice-president.

What was that person's name he nominated?


Cheney, right. Cheney was involved with the Gulf War. I'm wondering if the Gulf War has any connection to the galaxies—and the treasons, especially.

Cheney might also be guilty, too.

He [Dick Cheney] was involved with President Ford—someone you said was guilty.

I think most of today's Republican senators and congressmen might be kept separate with classified allegations instead. But for ABC World News, their propositions for 2003 or 2001—I'm trying for some political allegations against those four American presidents and the CIA. For public allegations.

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