"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

So this goes back to Ford and Bush and Reagan. They're all part of the

As ex-presidents, yeah.

What about before Ford? Nixon also?

Yeah, Nixon. Those other American presidents might be guilty, too. Maybe some resurrections that were kept top-secret with Benjamin Franklin and George Washington still alive and well across some other galaxies.

You think so? They're in another galaxy.
Maybe on this street, it might have been a live performance of myself as a movie star
Maybe with some kind of telepathic counterpartsmaybe some counterparts of scientific inventions. Maybe they were disappearing in thin air. On Star Trek I saw they mentioned some telepathy, and they were disappearing in thin air, too. And that might have never been actually trick photography.

Might have been the real thing.

The real thing of some scientific inventions, disappearing in thin air.

You know, when you think about it, the CIA and the KGB were experimenting with telepathy during the Cold War. Sounds like what you're saying is, it wasn't an experiment. They already knew it.


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