"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

Why do you want to impeach President Clinton?

Maybe because my family starred in movies for Universal Studios and did not get paid—because the Clinton administration is guiltied against some domestic enemies. Maybe some Protestant Christians of some different ancestries.

Different from his?

Maybe it was against Mormons, too. Protestant Christians and Mormons

Would you like to have something to eat or something? We'll buy you a brownie.

Yeah, OK.

You were interviewed before—was that a long time ago?

That was about a year ago.

KGB did that?

KCBS. It was KCBS that tape-recorded me.

Does this [tape-recorder] make you uncomfortable. Should I move it?

No, it's all right. You can use that.

So, KCBS interviewed you before?

I think that was Colleen Wheelan from KCBS about a year ago. It was some political allegations of Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton guiltied with the CIA . . . and not paying the richest family their stars.

So, it's not just Clinton. It's Ford and Reagan and—


And Bush, too?

Bush, too. And maybe even some 12 galaxies that were also guiltied.

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