"Behind Closed Doors in Washington"

Starve.Org interviews Frank Chu

I saw on KQED a documentary on some experimentations of paraphernalia also. Some floating objects. And also at Pier 39, I saw a magic show over there, who had some things that [were] disappearing.

It was a magic show, but it was part of the coverup, you think?

No, maybe it was a part of an exposure of maybe some classified information behind closed doors in Washington.
They might have come over here with second salaries as movie stars
Do you think a lot of other people know this?

No, maybe the CIA and their double agents—maybe across some 12 galaxies.

Do you think many people on this street might know?

Maybe on this street, it might have been a live performance of myself as a movie star with some telepathic inventions with surveillance and hidden cameras, with telepathic inventions.

And that would be another performance you didn't get paid for.

Yeah, Universal Studios.

And that's your whole family. They're not paying your family for any of this.

Yeah, movie stars.

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