Updated February 19, 2018


Inside the Walls of My Own House: The Complete "Dark Shadows" (of My Childhood), Book 2, by Tony Trigilio
Elise Cowen: Poems and Fragments, edited by Tony Trigilio
White Noise, by Tony Trigilio
Historic Diary, by Tony Trigilio
Allen Ginsberg's Buddhist Poetics, by Tony Trigilio


  • Saturday, March 3, 2018: Happy Gallery Chicago (902 N. California Ave., Chicago). Reading with Emily Bieniek, Lily Someson, and LeRoy Bach. 7:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, March 10, 2018: Lector Wine Bar AWP Pop-Up Readings Space (715 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor, Tampa, FL; located next to The Hub Bar and The Tampa Theater). Reading with Heidi Lynn Staples, Anne Tardos, Laura Hinton, Paige Melin, Tim Roberts, Billy Cancel, cris cheek, Joe Harrington, Vincent Katz, Susan Lewis, Cheryl Pallant, Steven Reese, Michael Ruby, Elysia Smith, and Theresa Wyatt. 6:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, April 14, 2018: Conversation with writers/translators Maja and Steven Teref on Ana Ristovic's Directions for Use (Zephyr Press), finalist for the 2017 National Book Critics Circle Award in Translation. The Seminary Co-op Bookstore (5751 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago). 3:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, September 29, 2018: Staghorn Poetry Series (Staghorn Garden Cafe, 517 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA). Reading with Cameron Barnett. 4:00 p.m.


  • "The UFO Incident." The Eloquent Poem. Ed. Gabriel Fried and Elise Paschen. New York: Persea Books (Forthcoming, 2019).

  • "Four Budget Cuts." Sou'wester (forthcoming, 2018).

  • "He still believed what he was seeing had a rational explanation"; "Then she thought if they're so smart, let them find Barney's grave without her help"; "Our Village Statistician"; "Last Day as Chair, After Emptying My Inbox the Night Before"; and "Episodes 673-675: Richard Nixon begins his first term as president." Dispatches from the Poetry Wars. February 18, 2018.

  • "Rust Belt" and "Carl says those people in Boston would've been less scared." Cimarron Review (2017): 153-55.

  • "To Be in Love." The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks. Ed. Peter Kahn, Ravi Shankar, and Patricia Smith. Fayetteville: U of Arkansas P, 2017.

  • "SonnetTo Science." The Tattooed Poets Project. April 16, 2017.

  • "Catholicism." The Laurel Review 49.2 (2016): 103.

  • "Plaques and Tangles." Fifth Wednesday Journal 19 (Fall 2016): 61-63.
  • "'Over time other miracles occurred, but these were the most important ones.'" Fifth Wednesday Journal 17 (2015): 181.

  • "Happy New Year, 1968" and "Barnabas's vampire bat bite."  Goreyesque (Fall 2015).

  • "Inspired by the restless dead of Collinsport" and "Love, American style." Goreyesque (Summer 2015).

  • "Photograph of a Deer the Day After Jonestown." Pinwheel 8 (May 2015).

  • "What a thrill: at a Logan Square party for Bernadette Mayer." Reprinted in Rabbit Ears: TV Poems. New York: New York Quarterly Books, 2015: 155-61.

  • "Hypnosis, with Big Band"; "New Year's Day, Woolly Mammoth Antiques"; and "The Adventures of Superman." The Oneiric Moor.

  • "Tonight I marked the one-year anniversary of Barnabas’s first appearance" and "In 1966, Beach Boy Brian Wilson arrives late." Cream City Review 38.2 (Fall/Winter 2014): 101-106.

  • “My Childhood Nightmares Unfolded in Serial Narrative.”  Reprinted in Poems Dead and Undead. Ed. Tony Barnstone and Michelle Mitchell-Foust.  New York: Knopf/Everyman's Library, 2014: 69-70.

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  • "Out of the Cosmos Factory"; "'What I'm saying is part of me outside the actual creation of words themselves'"; "She felt very stupid because she didn't know where earth was on the map." Ghost Town 6 (Spring 2014).

  • "[Barnabas Collins steps through a secret panel]." TriQuarterly 145 (Winter/Spring 2014).

  • "Close-up: Little David inside the coffin breathing heavily." Puerto del Sol 49.1 (Fall 2013): 145-53.

  • "Total Information Awareness" and "Jindabyne." Matter 3 (July 2013).

  • "I'm watching Dark Shadows in Paris," "Bit by spiders in the Paris studio we rented," "Another color videotape missing," and "'Pop, that's called whistling in the dark.'" Stolen Island (2013): 74-82.
  • "[Pythagoras believed in denim]" and "Red Road." 1913: a journal of forms 6 (2013): 161-62.

  • "The Orb" and "Dr. Simon put Barney Hill under hypnosis. Barney described the humanoids. David Baker drew them." Columbia Poetry Review 26 (2013): 73-77.

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