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My band, Pet Theories:

Click here for our debut album:

Also, check out the Pet Theories Big Cartel page:

Solo music:

In the Future If You Send Me Some Books, You Can Send Me Time Magazine (2:55)

Frank Chu: Flying Saucers and Cars (1:12)

Frank Chu: Zegnetronic Humanoids (2:38)

Frank Chu: Some Advanced Forms of Magic (1:10)

Frank Chu: They Were Disappearing in Thin Air (2:36)

Frank Chu: Humanoids, Androids, and Asteroids (2:11)

What's to Keep it from Happening Again and Again (2:02)

Welcome to the People's Temple Agricultural Project (4:48)

The Idea is Ridiculous to the Point of Being Beyond Belief (3:11)

Mildred Pierce (1:52)

I'm a Systems Analyst Myself (1:30)

Sometimes I Wish God Would Give Me a Holy-Ghost Machine Gun (2:30)

Never Did Anybody Any Good (2:46)

If This Were a Dictatorship (2:18)

Checking the Mail (1:44)

He Gets It to Daylight, the Bus Does (0:51)

God Bless America (1:44)



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