by Rita Dove

Guide to the HyperText version of the poem


Some questions about the links I made


  • Explain the usefulness of the "villanelle" link at the end of the first section ("The Cane Fields").
  • Why would this "villanelle" link be located in the final line? What would be a better location for the link?
  • At two different times in the poem, the links lead you to other links in the poem—all in an endless circle. Why would I create this (frustrating) circle in these specific locations in the poem?


  • Explain the significance of the several Haitian newspaper reports—and book review—to the HyperText poem as a whole.
  • Why are the Rita Dove interviews located in the next-to-last stanza of "The Cane Fields" section? (The interviews also can be linked at the top of the poem page.)
  • Why does the second section begin with the "Psychoanalysis and History" link?
  • Research the significance of the sculpture linked to this line: "My mother, my love in death." Why would this particular sculpture be important at this particular location in the poem?

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Last modified February 17, 2001