media works by Michael Trigilio

video:  Breaking Glass: My David Bowie Movie (2008)  
about: Breaking Glass is a short video that examines the surfaces of fear and desire, using as its subject my fantasy encounter with David Bowie. Alternating between confession and fantasy, I employ music, animation, and personal narrative to interweave notions of queer affection, pop fandom, and authentic self-doubt. Musical gestures (glam-rock, death-metal, etc.) complement the images and stories of frivolity, worry, and daydreaming. Overall, Breaking Glass is an experiment in autobiographical counterpoint and wish-making.  
screenings: 2010 - Citizenfest 8, Whistel Stop, San Diego, CA, December 22.
2010 - Mills College, Oakland, CA
2009 - T-10 Video Festival, 21 Grand, Oakland, CA
2008 - Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Santa Fe and Albequerque, NM
2008 - Overlaps, Golden Hill Neighborhood CDC, San Diego, CA
2008 - CitizenFest Tres, Citizen Video, San Diego, CA