TUNE IN, TUNE OUT, TURN UP EVERYTHING (2009 in Boulder, CO - 2010 in San Diego)

In July 2009, I began exploring workshop-based intervention and electronics projects that borrow from my earlier sound production & performance work.

The first iteration of this project took place in Boulder , Colorado. There, Boulderites gathered together to learn to make "Synthpacks" and take them out into downtown Boulder to harmonize with one another, and their environments.

In June 2010, another "synthpack" workshop was held as part of the THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD series in my neighborhood of North Park in San Diego. Neighbors came out, made synthpacks, and then made synthetic disturbances across our neighborhood. The only instrution is that participants take their "synthpack" and simply "turn up everything."

See the Synthpack Demo Video Below:  
Check out ArtDistrictBoulder (which also has more information about the project we did together).
Neighborhood Public Radio(2004-2010)  
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