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Jay-Z Construction Set
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(JZCS by Kevin Driscoll & friends)











Sample Libraries

















































FFT Modeling and Instrument Technology sampling





























Neumann U87







































































Open Source and Free Information

The Cathedral and the Bazaar (wiki)
book by Eric S. Raymond

The cathedral: Code is kept secret
The owners are worried about their code being stolen

The bazaar: This is the model of open-source software developmetn
The bazaar is characterized by openness
Source code is open, and changes are actively solicited
Code is kept open because: The maintainers do not worry about their code being stolen

The cathedral treats intellectual property as individually-owned property
Thus, software belongs to its owners (Or, at most, its developers)

The bazaar treats intellectual property as communally-owned property
(Thus, the head organizer is a maintainer, rather than an owner)

Open Source Operating Systems
Linux / GNU / Red Hat

Wikimedia - including Wikipedia - and all other "wiki" form crowd-created work

Creative Commons (video)









Hatsune Miku phenomenon



























Vocaloid software




































Miku on Letterman