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February 26, 2015 - images from Gaza










































Improv Everywhere

Best Buy

Home Depot (updated)

Grand Central Station

High-Five Escalator














Rt Mark - Car Park

Carpark from Mark Tribe on Vimeo.













Trish Stone

Charles Spy (2005-2007) (site)

"I began "spying" on Charles Schwab by photographing their offices in Berkeley and posting them on my blog, In my Charles Spy diguise, I would lurk about the offices and try to determine what kind of business took place in the office. I applied for a credit card and received a free ipod. Shortly after going live on my website, I received a call from my web service provider, who informed me that my site had caught the attention of the legal team at Charles Schwab, who had concerns regarding copyright and trademark infringement. "














Things I Never Say (2010)

"First Thing"

"Second Thing"

"Third Thing"














Jill Magid

"Evidence Locker"















Hasan Elahi

























Colbert Report appearance