Video and Film

Techniques and Time


Some useful thoughts on TECHNIQUE in remix:

Unusual juxtapositions (this doesn't belong with that!) - think about Craig Baldwin's "Tribulations 99" shown in lecture.

Remaking with variation - as in Cindy Sherman's "History Portraits" or Mel Ramos' Superman

Incorporating the original into altering - this is what Rauschnberg does in Estate and

Recreating exactly (as in Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes , some of Jeff Koon's work)

Manipulating text through random cut-up techniques - as in cut-up novels by William Burroughs.

Altering the FORM through: 

lengthening or shortening (remember 24 Hour Pyscho by Douglas Gordon)

enlarging (remember Richard Prince's Cowboy photographs)

repetition (Dara Birmbaum's Technology Transformation (Wonder Woman)

migrating from one-medium-to-another (like Cindy Sherman, ANT Farm)

revealing the original FORM - Nomi Talisman's "Other Peoples Pictures" and found-film videos.

serial techniques - Brendan Lott, Stephanie Syjuco



Craig Balwdin

Tribulations 99


ANT Farm

Eternal Frame (1975)


Peggy Ahwesh

She Puppet (2001)


Danny Cannizarro & J Noland

Velvet Curtain Series (2012)



Stephanie Syjuco

Body Double (platoon)




Forrest Gump (1994, dir. Robert Zemeckis)

Nixon meet - scene