Winter Quarter: January 6 - March 13, 2014 | Office Hour – Wednesday 1:00– 1:50pm in VAF 511A

OVERVEIW: A script initiates collaboration among artists, filmmakers, performers, musicians, and makers. The script can take the form of an instruction or score, leaping from the page into reproducible instances of speech, movement, sound, and light. This course will require students to produce and realize scripts, instructions, and scores in a variety of media productions. Open to media majors only. Two production-course limitation.

60% will be based on all assigned exercises and assignments.
40% will be based on class participation in discussions and critiques


I will only accept assignments late if you have an excused absence from class or in an emergency situation about which you have spoken with me directly. Late assignments will be accepted at my discretion.

Students are expected to attend all of every class meeting. “Absence” is a word describing “the state of being away from a place.” If you are away-from-class, you will be considered absent (notwithstanding absence due to illness). If you are ill, you may miss class provided you present official documentation indicating your illness (a note from student health-services will suffice).

Two absences = Lower final grade by one letter
Each additional absence = Lower final grade by an additional half-letter

Arriving to class late twice will be noted as an “absence.” Thus, arriving to class late four times will lower the final grade by one letter.