WINTER 2017 | January 10 - March 18, 2017
Office Hours – Wednesday 1:00 - 1:50pm and 4:30 - 5:20pm at VAF 511

Media Sketchbook is a production based course that rests on a belief that protocol and parameters foster critical thinking, skill-learning, and creativity. Vis174 is centered around several sketch-prompts designed to allow students to use Media technologies to forge creative and original solutions to simple limitations and directives. Problem-solving basic aspects of media making will be explored. Sketch-booking is central to this course. Students will set up a blog/Tumblr/Vimeo-channel/YouTube channel and post daily sketches, assets, reference-work and notes. The purpose of Vis174 is to encourage practice with the conceptual and technical infrastructure of media-art. Students will learn from an intensive and practice-based approach to production, research, experimentation and critical engagement with the medium itself. Experimentation is always contingent on failure, mistakes, accidents and discovery. Time, ocularity, sound, light, color, the cut, and social engagement itself will be examined to build resilient engaged practices built on skill acquisition and originality.

Readings will be made available on reserve at the library or handed out in-class. SIX production workshops at the appropriate level must be attended at the Media Lab. (Three Production, Three Post-Production)

50% will be based on assigned sketch prompts
20% will be based on Sketch-booking, note-making and research kept throughout the quarter.
30% will be based on participation in discussions and critiques.

N.B. Participation requires active engagement in the discourse of our course. Examples include: provide individual insight into examples show in class, asking questions about course content, provide feedback to peers during critique, visiting Office Hours with questions or ideas to discuss, active discussion during class-time of assigned readings. If you have discovered other ways to participate, please do so and speak to me to discuss whether or not these variations will be recorded by me as meeting this standard..

You will be producing sketches throughout the quarter, and there will be eight sketches to complete, each focused on a specific idea or formal element. Critique of sketches will take place on Tuesdays and all students will be expected to have their work finished and ready to discuss by the beginning of class. A sketch is not a “film," and you are not expected to make “finished films” for this class. Instead, you will be expected to work rigourously on addresssing the prompts presented in our Thursday discussions & presentation.

I will only accept assignments late in an emergency situation about which you have spoken with me directly.If you miss class on a day when a Sketch is due, I will not accept your Sketch late. Late assignments will be accepted at Instructor’s discretion.

Students are expected to attend all of every class meeting. If you are away-from-class, you will be considered absent (notwithstanding absence due to illness). If you are ill, you may miss class provided you present official documentation indicating your illness (a note from student health-services will suffice). Two absences = Lower final grade by one letter Each additional absence = Lower final grade by an additional half-letter Arriving to class late twice will be noted as an “absence.” Important: arriving to class late four times will lower the final grade by one letter.


updated January 3, 2017