Sound Theory and Production  


This schedule is subject to change:

WINTER 2017 Strategies of Alterity: Sci-Fi, Other Worlds, Space

CLASS OUTLINE (Some items are subject to change)

Week 1: Drafting Space Opera
Tu - Define the terms - which science-fiction? - Pre-production & ideation work
Th - Other planets, landscapes, terrain
Technique: World building, landscapes, and plates - using photography and Photoshop to generate plates for conceptual-design.

Week 2: Communication
Tu - Alien languages & relations
Th - Technique : Speculative Ideation
Technique: Set-extension - using digital tools to composite shots with extraordinary or speculative elements.

Week 3: Multi-Personhood
Tu - Human Evolution
Th - Humanity Uncentered
Technique: Kit-bashing - using model-kits and sculptural materials for miniature models (in group of 2)

Week 4: Critiques of pre-production/concept-design pitch

Week 5: Sound, Song, Transmission
Tu - Technique: Sound-design and “radio”-drama
Th - Space is the Place

Week 6: Old Ideas Anew
Tu - Ancient Origins and Human Mythologies
Th - Technique: Shooting Plates - using Green Screen

Week 7 Critiques of sound-design/VFX-design portfolio

Week 8: Tiny Blue Dot
Tu -Isolation - Adrift - Lost
Th - Technique: Compositing, blending, and in-camera techniques for visual-abstraction for use in GUI elements, space elements, etc.

Week 9: The Grid
Tu - World building from data
Th - Technique: Virtual HUD (displays, screens, surfaces)

Week 10 Critiques of motion-picture finished shots