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Week 1 - Body Augments
..> Tu (8/8)
Aesthetics of implants, data-ports, blades : cosmetic, violent, connective, sexual

screened & presented:
_The Changing Same_, by Cauleen Smith
_Tears of Steel_, by Ian Hubert
_Johnny Mnemonic_, by Robert Longo (William Gibson screenplay)
lecture slides

..> Th (8/10)
The Data Thief and Memory Hacking

screened & presented:
_The Last Angel of History_, by John Akomfrah
_Remember Me_(videogame "memory remix" gameplay excerpt)
_Strange Days_ by Kathryn Bigelow (excerpt)
"The Entire History of You," from Black Mirror (TV episode)
lecture slides


Week 2 - Data-Bodies
..> Tu (8/15)
Dehumanized Body - Data-Landscape Dematerialized, and Enforcement Bodies

screened & presented:
_Robocop_, by Paul Verhoeven (excerpt) (1987)
_Hype Williams' music videos_
---Missy Elliot, "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" (1997)
---Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson, “What’s It Gonna be” (1999)
---Kanye West, “Stronger” (2007)
---Common (w Pharrel), “Universal Mind Control” (2008)
_Aeon Flux_ by Peter Chung ["The Purge" episode] (1995)
lecture slides

..> Th (8/17)
Transhuman, Masculine/Androgyne/Feminine, Labor Body

screened & presented:
_Becoming Dragon_ by Micha Cardenas (2010)
_Surrogates_ by Jonathan Mostow (2009)
_Sleep Dealer_ by Alex Rivera (2009)
lecture slides

Mid-Term Assigned after lecture on Tuesday, 08/22


Week 3 - Robot Body
..> Tu (8/22)
The Makers vs the “Made”
[Discussion of mid-term writing and examples of formal visual abstraction.]

screened & presented:
_The Ghose in the Shell_ by Mamoru Oshii (1995)
lecture slides

Mid-Term Assigned via email immediately following lecture.

..> Th (8/24)
Replicants, Blade Running, Liberation

screened & presented:
"Many Moons" by Janelle Monae (dir. Alan Ferguson) (2010)
"Q.U.E.E.N." by Janelle Monae (dir. Alan Ferguson) (2013)
_Blade Runner_ by Ridley Scott (story by Philip K. Dick) (1982)
lecture slides


Week 4 - Artificial Intelligence
..> Tu (8/29)
Artificial Family, Love, Resistance

Mid-Term due

screened & presented:
_Humans_ (Television episodes)
_Westworld (2016)_ (excerpts)
_Ex Machina_ by Alex Garland (excerpt)
lecture slides

..> Th (8/31)
Data Liberation, Data Revolution

screened & presented:
"The Second Renaissance Part I and II" by Mahiro Maeda (from _The Animatrix_)
Asimov's robots:
_Bicentennial Man_ by Chris Colombus (excerpt)
_I, Robot_ by Alex Proyas (excerpt)
lecture slides

Final Exam assigned on Tuesday 9/05/2017


Week 5 - Virtual Worlds
..> Tu (9/5)
Open Source vs Master Control

screened & presented:
_Tron_ by Steven Lisberger (1982)
_The Matrix_ by The Wachowskis (excerpt) (1999)
lecture slides

..> Th (9/7)
The Data Flesh & Procedural Environment

screened & presented:
_Max Headroom_ (excerpts) (1986)
_Existenz_ by David Cronenberg (1999)
_No Man's Sky_ (video game excerpt) (2016)
"World of Warcraft Explains Feminism" by Angela Washko (2012)
lecture slides

Final Exam Due Tuesday 9/12/2017 (or earlier) by Noon (12:00pm) via online.

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