Music / Scoring for Media Artists  


This schedule is subject to change:

SPRING 2017 Music/Scoring for Media Artists

CLASS OUTLINE (items are subject to change)

Week 1:
Presentation of class syllabus and course-overview
Fundamentals of Musical Time, MIDI, and Reason

Week 2:
First Exercise (Beat) due as .wav/.aif stereo file
Fundamentals of Musical Language (notes, intervals, chords, motifs)

Week 3:
Second Exercise (Chord Pad) due as .wav/.aif stereo file
Presentations of Reason research (from groups)
Motifs and leitmotifs in music for film/media.
Recording audio into Reason for sequencing and using Samples.

Week 4:
First Critique of original score for film/media sequence. (1 of 2)

Week 5:
Third Exercise (redux) due as .wav/.aif stereo file
Follow-up from Week 4 crit re: specific needs/lessons
Arpeggiation and Melody

Week 6:
Mid-Term One-on-One crit-workshop, scheduled individually - (in classroom and at VAF 5111A)
Monday - 6:00-8:50pm
Tuesday - 3:00 - 6:00pm

Week 7:
Orchestration and alternate voicing
Using digital tools (vocoder/sequencer) to affect sound

Week 8:
Second Critique of original score for second film/media sequence (2 of 2)

Week 9 :
Class Cancelled for Memorial Day Holiday
Works-In-Progress followup in Office Hours and additional time scheduled TBD

Week 10
Final Critiques of music for both finished sequences.